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Determination of algebraic relations among special zeta values in positive characteristic
Abstract As an analogue to special values at positive integers of the Riemann zeta function, we consider Carlitz zeta values ζ C ( n ) at positive integers n. By constructing t-motives afterExpand
Linear independence of monomials of multizeta values in positive characteristic
Abstract In this paper, we study transcendence theory for Thakur multizeta values in positive characteristic. We prove an analogue of the strong form of Goncharov’s conjecture. The same result isExpand
Algebraic relations among periods and logarithms of rank 2 Drinfeld modules
For any rank $2$ Drinfeld module $\rho$ defined over an algebraic function field, we consider its period matrix $P_{\rho}$, which is analogous to the period matrix of an elliptic curve defined over aExpand
Linear relations among double zeta values in positive characteristic
The study of this paper is inspired by the conjecture of Zagier on the explicit dimension formula for the space of the same weight double zeta values in terms of the dimension of cusp forms forExpand
On finite Carlitz multiple polylogarithms
In this paper, we define finite Carlitz multiple polylogarithms and show that every finite multiple zeta value over the rational function field $\mathbb{F}_{q}(\theta)$ is anExpand
Algebraic independence of periods and logarithms of Drinfeld modules (with an appendix by Brian Conrad)
Let rho be a Drinfeld A-module with generic characteristic defined over an algebraic function field. We prove that all of the algebraic relations among periods, quasi-periods, and logarithms ofExpand
An effective criterion for Eulerian multizeta values in positive characteristic
Characteristic p multizeta values were initially studied by Thakur, who defined them as analogues of classical multiple zeta values of Euler. In the present paper we establish an effective criterionExpand
On a conjecture of Furusho over function fields
In the classical theory of multiple zeta values (MZV’s), Furusho proposed a conjecture asserting that the p -adic MZV’s satisfy the same $${\mathbb {Q}}$$ Q -linear relations that their correspondingExpand
On multiple polylogarithms in characteristic $p$: $v$-adic vanishing versus $\infty$-adic Eulerianness
In this paper, we give a simultaneous vanishing principle for the $v$-adic Carlitz multiple polylogarithms (abbreviated as CMPLs) at algebraic points, where $v$ is a finite place of the rationalExpand
An efficient synthesis of the C27-C45 fragment of lagunamide A, a cyclodepsipeptide with potent cytotoxic and antimalarial properties
An efficient and stereoselective synthesis of the entire C27–C45 moiety of lagunamide A has been achieved from 1-[(4S)-4-benzyl-2-thioxothiazolidin-3-yl]propan-1-one in six steps with 22% overallExpand