Chieh-Min Lin

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Increased alpha and theta activities in electroencephalography (EEG) have been found during various forms of meditation. However, advanced stage of meditation drew less attention to date. We aimed at exploring EEG characteristics during advanced meditation. Bilateral absolute alpha and theta EEG powers were recorded when a single meditator at rest,(More)
We investigate the associations of antihypertensive drugs in double and triple combination regimens comprising diuretics and/or beta-blockers on the development of new-onset diabetes (NOD). This study was a retrospective cohort study carried out using data from claim forms provided to the central regional branch of the Bureau of National Health Insurance(More)
BACKGROUND High grade gliomas are the most common type of malignant brain tumor, and despite their rarity, cause significant morbidity and mortality. This study aimed to compare the treatment patterns of high grade glioma to examine survival patterns in patients who receive specific treatments between cohorts in Ohio and Taiwan. METHOD Patients aged 18(More)
In this study, a supervisory control system with an adaptive Mamdani-type fuzzy controller (AMFC) is used to control an omnidirectional spherical mobile robot (ODSMR). The system combines an adaptive Mamdani-type fuzzy controller and a supervisory controller for ODSMRs with unknown external disturbances. Tracking is provided by a Mamdani-type fuzzy(More)
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