Chie Nishigaki

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Follicular dendritic cells (FDCs) form a reticular FDC network in the lymphoid follicle that is essential for the retention and presentation of native antigens in the form of antigen-antibody immune complexes (ICs) to B cells during secondary immune response. Although the presence of migrating precursors of FDCs has been hypothesized, their entity has not(More)
In this study, trends in hospital use were identified in Japanese cities. Data for all inpatient care in May 1985 (9,555 patients) and in May 1988 (11,205 patients) paid for by National Health Insurance in 12 cities in Osaka Prefecture were analyzed. The main factor affecting differences in inpatient days per insured person of all ages (hospital use) among(More)
This study was done to identify factors affecting present hospitalization versus home care in 4,578 elderly subjects representing 87.1% of the elderly population living in S. city near Osaka. Subjects or their families were asked by interviews regarding the age of the subjects, the kind of persons living together in the family unit, the kind of housing, the(More)
The standardized mortality ratio (SMR), i.e. the ratio of observed to expected deaths, was investigated among 433 patients with Parkinson's disease (172 males and 261 females), who had been visited by public health nurses for a period of more than one year between 1978 and 1987 in Osaka Prefecture. The mean age of the patients was 58.7, and the average(More)
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