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Now it’s official: people in the UK have voted in favor of ‘Brexit’—the British exit from the European Union (EU). While it will take at least 2 years to effectively leave the EU, the immediate repercussions are devastating. Besides causing major turmoil and volatility in global financial markets in the immediate response to the recent referendum, the value(More)
BACKGROUND Epigenetics is a biomedical novelty in drug design and disease control whose mechanisms play a significant role in transferring environmental signals to determine patterns of gene expression. Systematic identification of the main trends in epigenetics patenting activity provides insights into fundamental building blocks of this research field and(More)
Extending the period of the market exclusivity and responding properly to the recent agglomeration of patent expiries are pivotal to the success of pharmaceutical companies. Declining R&D productivity, rising costs of commercialization, near-term patent expirations for many top-selling drugs are forcing companies to adopt new systems to introduce innovative(More)
This study aims to describe innovation profile in the field of personalized medicine. While the major market players have recognized the importance of personalizing health care as the next milestone towards improved clinical outcomes, a common framework has yet to emerge. In the absence of such governance framework, the practices of research and development(More)
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