Chie H. Craig

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This study compared the effects of three conditions of word predictability on recognition performance. Word-recognition scores were obtained for 30 normally hearing listeners using three pairs of sentence lists. Each list contained target words preceded by a variety of predictability-high (PH) and predictability-low (PL) phrases and a constant(More)
This investigation was designed to study real-time isolated monosyllabic word-recognition performance and the feasibility of applying time-gated NU-6 word-recognition test materials for real-time assessment of older listeners. Methods and materials developed in a previous investigation were used to obtain time-gated performance measures from 37 older(More)
In auditory localization experiments, where the subject observes from a fixed position, both relative sound intensity and arrival time at the two ears determine the extent of localization performance. The present experiment investigated the role of binaural cues in a different context, the sound-position discrimination task, where the subject is free to(More)
Word discrimination scores were obtained for 30 normally hearing listeners using Auditec and Rintelmann recordings of the NU-6 presented at 60 and 70 dB SPL in quiet and in a background of multitalker noise at signal-to-noise (S/N) ratios of +12, +6, 0, and -6 dB. This was done to obtain normative data and to determine whether these two recordings of the(More)
This study examined the effects of forward time gating and word length on monosyllabic isolated word-recognition performance. Fifty (60-ms) time-gated words were developed from a pre-recorded version (Auditec of St. Louis) of the Northwestern Auditory Test No. 6 (NU-6) List 1, Form A. A total of 358 time-gated items were presented monaurally at 80 db SPL,(More)
Simulations by climate models are used to project the climate change expected as atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations rise. How much will the Earth warm? Will south Asia experience stronger monsoons in the future? Will the American Southwest continue to desiccate? How soon will the Arctic become ice free? How fast and how much will sea level rise?(More)
This study examined the interaction of acoustic-phonetic information with higher-level linguistic contextual information during the real-time speech perception process in child, young adult, and older adult listeners. Five age groups were studied: (a) young children ranging in age from 5 to 7 years, (b) older children aged 8 to 10 years, (c) young adults(More)
This study examined the effects of signal presentation level and word duration on time-gated isolated monosyllabic word-recognition performance. Measures of listener confidence, word identification, isolation point (IP), confidence at IP, and acceptance point were obtained from normal-hearing listeners. Subjects were presented with non-time-gated and(More)