Chidi Kingsley Oranusi

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BACKGROUND Traditional open prostatectomies either transvesical or retropubic remains the reference standard for managing benign prostatic enlargement in some centers, especially in developing countries. The comparison of complication rates between the various types of open prostatectomies is usually a source of significant debate among urologists, most(More)
Chronic schistosomiasis of the urinary tract can present with symptoms unrelated to the disease. A 33-year-old man from Edo State Nigeria presented with recurrent left flank pain. Laboratory investigations did not reveal any cause. Radiological investigation revealed a stricture of the left ureter and hydronephrosis of the left kidney. Management included(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the national practice patterns in the management of male urethral stricture disease by the open urethroplasty technique. MATERIALS AND METHODS A questionnaire-based national survey of Nigerian urologists was performed during the 19(th) Annual General Meeting and Scientific Conference of the National Association of Urological(More)
BACKGROUND The triad of digital rectal examination (DRE), serum prostate specific antigen, and transrectal ultrasound-guided prostate biopsy is used in the detection of prostate cancer (PCa). It is recommended that all cases of PCa should be diagnosed with needle biopsy before treatment. The exclusion criteria for those that may not be suitable have not yet(More)
BACKGROUND A carefully performed facial analysis can serve as a strong foundation for successful facial reconstructive and plastic surgeries, rhinoplasty or orthodontics. AIM The purpose of this study is to determine the facial features and qualities of the Igbo Nigerian adult male using photometry. MATERIALS AND METHODS One hundred and twenty subjects(More)
BACKGROUND The cubital fossa is a common site for the removal of venous blood for analysis, transfusion, and intravenous therapy. The superficial venous return from the upper limb follows two or three major superficial veins, which are extremely variable; these include the cephalic, basilic, median cubital, and antebrachial veins and their tributaries. (More)
BACKGROUND Malignant renal tumour is the third commonest urological tumour after prostate and bladder cancer. It is however the urological tumour with the highest mortality/incidence ratio. OBJECTIVE To review the frequency, mode of presentation and histological pattern of patients with malignant renal tumours in Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching(More)
BACKGROUND Penile injuries are uncommon. The more severe injuries are often difficult to manage. OBJECTIVES We report our experience with penile injuries from different causes and treatment options available. PATIENTS AND METHODS We analyzed retrospectively 23 cases of penile injuries presenting to the Urology Unit of a tertiary hospital in the(More)
BACKGROUND The pterion is a point of sutural confluence seen in the norma lateralis of the skull. The site is an important landmark in surgical approaches to the anterior and middle cranial fossa. OBJECTIVE This study was designed to determine the frequency of pterion types and anatomic positions of the pterion in dry human skulls of Nigerians in the(More)
Advancement in imaging techniques has now made it possible for small renal tumors to be detected incidentally. This has led to the use of minimally invasive techniques for treatment of these cases. A 33-year-old woman was diagnosed to have a small renal mass after routine abdominal ultrasonography for epigastric discomfort. Computed tomography scan was used(More)