Chidambaram Yegappan

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We have investigated the role of stress-activated signaling pathways and the small heat shock protein, Hsp27, in protecting PC12 cells from heat shock and nerve growth factor (NGF) withdrawal-induced apoptosis. PC12 cells and a stable cell line overexpressing Hsp27 (HSPC cells) were subjected to heat shock. This resulted in the rapid activation of Akt(More)
The reasons for the circular sense of human color perception generated by two sorts of color opponent neurons and three cone types are not well understood. Here we use geometrical analysis to examine the hypothesis that opponency, the recursive nature of color perception, and trichromacy arise as the most efficient ways of distinguishing spectrally(More)
While studies of human color vision have made enormous strides, an overarching rationale for the circular sense of color relationships generated by two classes of color opponent neurons and three cone types is still lacking. Here we suggest that color circularity, color opponency and trichromacy may have arisen, at least in part, because of the geometrical(More)
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