Chiawei W. Tsai

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Production of recombinant malaria proteins in the methylotrophic yeast Pichia pastoris has been difficult due to constraints in transcription, translation and/or post-translation controls. Use of codon-optimized genes has resolved many of the transcriptional controls; however, efforts to overcome translational and post-translational modifications involving(More)
Immunization with a recombinant yeast-expressed Plasmodium falciparum merozoite surface protein 3 (MSP3) protected Aotus nancymai monkeys against a virulent challenge infection. Unfortunately, the production process for this yeast-expressed material was not optimal for human trials. In an effort to produce a recombinant MSP3 protein in a scaleable manner,(More)
Although Ant Colony Systems (ACS) have gained much attention in last two decades but slow execution and convergence speed are still two challenges for these meta-heuristic algorithms. Many parallel implementations have been proposed for faster execution. However, most of available implementations use coarse-grained synchronization mechanisms that are not(More)
An experimental malaria transmission blocking vaccine antigen, Pfs25H, expressed and secreted from Pichia pastoris was recovered and purified using a screenless expanded bed column equipped with a rotating fluid distribution system. This column was able to accommodate feed stock, containing 30% biomass, at a flow rate of 300–400 cm/h without affecting(More)
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