Chiara Zampi

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This research aimed to investigate the time course of the cortical activity level preceding spontaneous awakening as a function of age and state. Two groups of infants (1-4 and 9-14 weeks of age) were continuously monitored by polygraphic recording and behavioural observation during the night. The electroencephalographic (EEG) activity recorded by the C3-O1(More)
This research aimed at investigating the time course of the EEG background activity level before spontaneous awakening out of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, and non-rapid eye movement sleep with and without slow wave sleep (NREMSWS+, NREMSWS-) in the second semester of life. Twelve infants from 25 to 54 weeks of life were continuously monitored by(More)
Music in dreams is rarely reported in scientific literature, while the presence of musical themes in dreams of famous musicians is anecdotally reported. We did a systematic investigation to evaluate whether the occurrence of musical dreams could be related to musical competence and practice, and to explore specific features of dreamt pieces. Thirty-five(More)
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