Chiara Ruedt

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Co70Cr30 alloyed layers are combined with extremely thin Pt layers in order to produce novel face-centered-cubic multilayered films to be considered as a potential perpendicular magnetic recording medium. The films were grown on Si, glass and polyimide substrates by e-beam evaporation at a temperature slightly higher than room temperature. The multilayered(More)
Grape-seed extract (GSE), a rich source for polyphenols, was incorporated into liposomes (1.1% w/w soy lecithin) using high-pressure homogenization (22,500psi). A chitosan coating (1% w/w) was used to obtain more stable liposomes. Physiochemical properties (ζ-potential, mean particle size) of all liposomes were analyzed. In vitro release of GSE-polyphenols(More)
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