Chiara Rostello

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INTRODUCTION The combined evaluation of physiology and behaviour allows a complete and more comprehensive pre-clinical assessment of central nervous system (CNS) function. An integrated video-telemetric electroencephalography (Video-tEEG) system, which allows the simultaneous and continuous recording of EEG and video images for long periods, was developed.(More)
We sought to evaluate a new protocol designed to maintain long-term, nonrecovery, surgical anesthesia in Sprague-Dawley rats. In the first phase, two groups of rats were anesthetized with two different dose combinations of Domitor (medetomidine) and Zoletil 100 (tiletamine-zolazepam) to investigate their efficacy in induction of anesthesia. One combination(More)
Following differential experiences provided by enriched environmental conditions, several studies have shown significant changes in laboratory animals at morphological and behavioural levels [1, 2], but only few and not recent works evaluated effects of these conditions on sleep pattern [3, 4]. Besides, some data suggested the correlations between cortex,(More)
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