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—This paper presents Ring Optical Network (RingO), a wavelength-division-multiplexing (WDM), ring-based, optical packet network suitable for a high-capacity metro environment. We present three alternative architectural designs and elaborate on the effectiveness of optic with respect to electronic technologies, trying to identify an optimal mix. We present(More)
—Bufferbloat is a phenomenon where excess buffers in the network cause high latency and jitter. As more and more interactive applications (e.g. voice over IP, real time video conferencing and financial transactions) run in the Internet, high latency and jitter degrade application performance. There is a pressing need to design intelligent queue management(More)
— Single-hop wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) ring networks operating in packet mode are a promising architecture for the design of innovate Metropolitan Area Networks. They allow a cost-effective design, with a good combination of optical and electronic technologies, while supporting features like restoration and reconfiguration that are essential in(More)
In this work, two bufferless high capacity broadcast-and-select optical switching node architectures are presented and their performance is evaluated. The architectures are modular permitting the expansion from basic to complex structures by adding new blocks/components in a gradual way, enhancing at the same time the corresponding network functionality.(More)
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