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Psoriasis is an immune-mediated skin disease characterized by lymphocytic infiltration and altered keratinocyte differentiation. Using immunohistochemical techniques we found that the cellular infiltrate in acute psoriatic plaques includes 5-8% CD3(-)CD56(+) natural killer (NK) cells, mostly localized in the mid and papillary dermis. NK lymphocytes isolated(More)
To define further the effectiveness of nonsurgical therapy for idiopathic scoliosis, predefined criteria were established for selection and data retrieval from studies of therapy and natural history, and the results were synthesized quantitatively. Only studies of patients with no more than a 50 degree Cobb angle scoliosis were considered. Twenty-four(More)
Allergic contact dermatitis (ACD) to haptens can serve as a valuable paradigm for understanding the physiopathology of T cell mediated immune responses. In sensitized individuals, exposure to the relevant hapten initiates clinical expression of ACD, which depends on the rapid activation of specific T cells. Mechanisms of tissue damage include direct(More)
We investigated the capacity of CD25(+) T regulatory cells (Treg) to modulate T cell responses to nickel, a common cause of allergic contact dermatitis. CD4(+) T cells isolated from the peripheral blood of six healthy, nonallergic individuals showed a limited capacity to proliferate in response to nickel in vitro, but responsiveness was strongly augmented(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Unbalanced immune responses to haptens lead to a variety of diseases, including allergic contact dermatitis to skin sensitizers and drug induced immune reactions. The occurrence, magnitude and persistence of immune responses are modulated by specialized T cell subsets with regulatory function. The purpose of this brief review is to(More)
During the past seven years an increasing number of hip fractures were treated in the new orthopaedic division of the Treviglio-Caravaggio Hospital. A survey was made of 246 cases treated in the 1972-1978 period. The mean age of the patients was found to be 69,9 years, and 64,6 % of them were women. Lateral fractures accounted for 66,6% of the cases and the(More)