Chiara Martelli

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Chiara Martelli,2 Robert Reutemann3 Christian Benkeser, no HBF is used. In all three modes, the last FIR filter is used for Qiuting Huang'2, matched filtering. In the UMTS mode, root-raised cosine matched filtering employs all 63 taps and its throughput must be 'Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich, Switzerland 15.36MS/s. To ease the burden(More)
Patient education is a key component of diabetes care. Limits in resources often prevent the participation of many patients with type 2 diabetes to structured education programs. The identification of predictors of response to group education could help in selecting those patients in whom the intervention is more cost-effective. A structured interactive(More)
An on-chip boost DC-DC converter used in White LED (WLED) drivers & controller ICs for mobile applications is presented in this paper. The boost controller provides a programmable average current to a string of up to six LEDs in series A Constant On-Time (COT) valley-current-mode control loop sets the duty cycle by controlling the off period. This(More)
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