Chiara Marcolla

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Bilinear groups are often used to create Attribute-Based Encryption (ABE) algorithms. In particular, they have been used to create an ABE system with multi authorities, but limited to the ciphertext-policy instance. Here, for the first time, we propose two multi-authority key-policy ABE systems. In our first proposal, the authorities may be set up in any(More)
Titoli ed abstract del Workshop di Crittografia " BUNNYTN " – 12 settembre 2011 The Rabin public-key cryptosystem is revisited with a focus on the problem of identifying the encrypted message unambiguously; both theoretical and practical solutions are given. The Rabin signature is also reconsidered and a deterministic padding mechanism is proposed. All(More)
We investigate the geometry of the support of small weight code-words of dual algebraic geometric codes on smooth complete intersections by applying the powerful tools recently developed by Alain Cou-vreur. In particular, by restricting ourselves to the case of Hermitian codes, we recover and extend previous results obtained by the second named author joint(More)
We study the locally recoverable codes on algebraic curves. In the first part of this article, we provide a bound of generalized Hamming weight of these codes. Whereas in the second part, we propose a new family of algebraic geometric LRC codes, that are LRC codes from Norm-Trace curve. Finally, using some properties of Hermitian codes, we improve the(More)
We classify completely the intersections of the Hermitian curve with parabolas in the affine plane. To obtain our results we employ well-known algebraic methods for finite fields and geometric properties of the curve automorphisms. In particular, we provide explicit counting formulas that have also applications to some Hermitian codes.
Two experiments were conducted to evaluate the effect of full-fat rice bran (FFRB) inclusion in dry diets with and without enzyme blend (EB) supplementation for adult dogs. The diets contained 0, 20, or 40% of FFRB, replacing the equivalent amount of wheat flour (WF). Experiment 1 evaluated the consumption and preference of diets using a simple choice(More)
Bilinear groups are often used to create Attribute-Based Encryption (ABE) algorithms. In our proposal, a Multiple-Authorities Key-Policy Attribute-Based Encryp-tion scheme is constructed in which the authorities collaborate to achieve shorter keys and parameters, enhancing the efficiency of encryption and decryption. We prove our system secure under an(More)
OBJECTIVE Evaluate the effect of raw bovine cortical bone (CB) (medullary bone cross-sectioned) and marrow or epiphyseal 'spongy' bone (SB) as chew items to reduce dental calculus in adult dogs. METHODS Eight 3-year-old Beagle dogs were observed in two study periods. In the first study, the dogs each received a piece of bovine femur CB (122 ± 17 g) daily(More)
The correctness in decrypting a ciphertext after some operations in the DGVH scheme depends heavily on the dimension of the secret key. In this paper we compute two bounds on the size of the secret key for the DGHV scheme to decrypt correctly a ciphertext after a fixed number of additions and a fixed number of multiplication. Moreover we improve the(More)