Chiara Guerini-Rocco

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The hallucinatory effect and potential abuse of salvinorin A, the major ingredient of Salvia divinorum, has not been documented in animals. The effects of salvinorin A on the zebrafish (Danio rerio) model, through its swimming behavior and conditioned place preference (CPP) task, was studied. Swimming activity was determined in a squared observational(More)
Recently, a potential neuroprotective effect of rimonabant, independent of the CB1 receptor interaction, has been proposed. In the present study, the role of transient receptor potential channel vanilloid subfamily member 1, named VR1, on neuroprotective effect of rimonabant, on global cerebral ischemia in gerbils, was investigated. Rimonabant (0.05-3 mg(More)
1. Capsaicin, the irritant principle of hot peppers, is a vanilloid agonist known to activate the transient receptor potential channel vanilloid subfamily member 1 (VR1), recently reported to be involved in neurodegeneration. The present study investigated the role of VR1 in a model of global cerebral ischemia in gerbils. 2. Over the dose range tested,(More)
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