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International comparisons of inequality based on measures of disposable income may not be valid if the size and incidence of publicly-provided in kind benefits differ across the countries considered. The benefits that are financed by taxation in one country may need to be purchased out of disposable income in another. We estimate the size and incidence of(More)
The ROC curve is one of the most common statistical tools useful to assess classifier performance. The selection of the best classifier when ROC curves intersect is quite challenging. A novel approach for model comparisons when ROC curves show intersections is proposed. In particular, the relationship between ROC orderings and stochastic dominance is(More)
We apply the well known Gini index to the measurement of concentration in survival times within groups of patients, and as a way to compare the distribution of survival times across groups of patients in clinical studies. In particular, we propose an estimator of a restricted version of the index from right censored data. We derive the asymptotic(More)
Evidence suggests that the increasing life expectancy levels at birth witnessed over the past centuries are associated with a decreasing concentration of the survival times. The purpose of this work is to study the relationships that exist between longevity and concentration measures for some regression models for the evolution of survival. In particular,(More)
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