Chiara Filippi

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PURPOSE To determine if lucanthone crossed the blood-brain barrier in experimental animals; and to determine accelerated tumor regression of human brain metastases treated jointly with lucanthone and whole brain radiation. METHODS AND MATERIALS The organ distribution of 3H lucanthone in mice and 125I lucanthone in rats was determined to learn if(More)
Conservative surgery of primary bone tumors, which has become possible owing to the progress made by chemotherapy, must be carcinological, and it is therefore based on a thorough assessment of local tumor extension. CT and MRI have proven their great value for this assessment. While CT clearly shows the calcified tissue and the extension into soft tissue,(More)
The result of Allen's test was compared with the variations in the Doppler flow recording of the thumb artery after compression of the radial artery in 76 volunteers. In five cases, manual compression let to a disappearance systolic flow, showing an absence of collateral ulnar circulation. In fifteen cases, the systolic flow was greatly reduced in the(More)
AIM Dysphonia and hearing loss are underestimated conditions in the elderly, despite their significant prevalence (18% and 50%, respectively) and their sociopsychological implications. Previous studies have shown that the reason for this lack of consideration is related to the general misconception of a simple age-related issue, as well as to the reduced(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the reliability of the Bone Conduction-HeadBand (BC-HB) test for predicting the postoperative functional outcome of a round-window (RW) vibroplasty. STUDY DESIGN Within-subject comparison of the functional results of the BC-HB test, which is routinely used for the preoperative evaluation of a bone-conduction transducer, with an(More)
OBJECTIVE To verify the efficacy of a powerful active hearing device in a patient different from far-advanced otosclerosis, specifically when the stapes footplate is mobile. PATIENT A patient with severe-to-profound mixed hearing loss, who was not benefiting from the use of a conventional hearing aid, was selected for an inner ear active implant. This was(More)
CONCLUSION The cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) imaging technique has proved to be reliable for assessing the appropriate positioning of the floating mass transducer (FMT) in the round window (RW) niche, although some parameters do not seem to be essential for achieving a satisfactory functional outcome. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the role that specific(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify eventual correlations between the effect of low-pressure treatment and endolymphatic hydrops in Ménière patients. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study group consisted of subjects affected by definite Ménière disease (2015) and a severe degree of disability, who received a ventilation tube with or without a low-pressure treatment before(More)
CONCLUSIONS The satisfaction rate of the subjects with an auditory implant appears strictly related to the resulting auditory improvement, and the surgical variables would play a prevailing role in respect to the esthetic factors. OBJECTIVES To assess the rate of satisfaction in subjects who underwent the surgical application of an auditory device at a(More)