Chiara Ercole

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An adaptive spatio-temporal algorithm for video denoising is presented. The local polynomial approximation (LPA) is exploited in order to design 3D directional Þltering kernels. For each speciÞed direction in the 3D space-time domain, an “optimal” scale (size of the kernel’s support) is selected using the intersection of conÞdence intervals (ICI) rule. In(More)
The most emerging technology for people identification and authentication is biometrics. In contrast with traditional recognition approaches, biometric authentication relies on who a person is or what a person does, being based on strictly personal traits, much more difficult to be forgotten, lost, stolen, copied or forged than traditional data. In this(More)
In this contribution, we propose an adaptive multiresolution denoising technique operating in the wavelet domain that selectively enhances object contours, extending a restoration scheme based on edge oriented wavelet representation by means of adaptive surround inhibition inspired by the human visual system characteristics. The use of the complex edge(More)
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