Chiara Colombaroni

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Road traffic monitoring is one of the key applications in the Intelligent Transport System field. New technologies are now provided in this field and among the most relevant ones there is the DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication) set of protocols and standards where vehicles wirelessly communicate. In this paper, we deal with the application of(More)
The paper deals with the problem of minimizing reshuffling of containers in an inland intermodal terminal. The problem is tackled according to a simulation-optimization approach. A simulation model computes the operational costs of containers, related to storage and pick-up operations in an inland yard. The optimization is carried out by two genetic(More)
The paper discusses the issues to face in applications of short-term traffic predictions on urban road networks and the opportunities provided by explicit and implicit models. Different specifications of Bayesian Networks and Artificial Neural Networks are applied for prediction of road link speed and are tested on a large floating car data set. Moreover,(More)
Massive datasets of Floating Car Data (FCD) are collected and thereafter processed to estimate and predict traffic conditions. In the framework of short-term traffic forecasting, machine learning techniques have become very popular. However, the big datasets available today contain for the most part easily predictable data, that are data observed during(More)
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