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Null vs. overt pronouns and the Topic-Focus articulation in Spanish 171 M. Elena Favilla, Interazione fra via lessicale e via fonologica nel modello a doppio accesso: dati ricavati da un test di " cor-rezione di bozze " 223 Virginia Hill, Complementizer Phrases (CP) in Romanian 249 Lars Johanson, Do languages die of 'structuritis'? On the role of(More)
The paper investigates the morphological impact of quantitative properties of lexical and sublexical structures in the decomposition of morphologically complex words by means of an activation-based simulation. A complex nucleus of blind-to-semantics relationships turns out to allow the emergence of proto-morphological representations and to provide a(More)
This paper investigates the processing of Italian affixed forms differing for morphotactic transparency. A lexical decision task with immediate priming was used. Following the principles of morphotactic transparency and Natural Morphology, the priming effect was hypothesized to be stronger for items with a higher degree of morphotactic transparency.(More)
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