Chiara Celata

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Phonotactics refers to the sequential organization of phonological units that are legal in a language (Crystal 1992). However, legal sound sequences do not all occur with the same probability in a language. Phonotactic probability is most often measured in terms of transitional probabilities (TPs) of biphones and has been shown to influence a large range of(More)
The paper investigates the morphological impact of quantitative properties of lexical and sublexical structures in the decomposition of morphologically complex words by means of an activation-based simulation. A complex nucleus of blind-to-semantics relationships turns out to allow the emergence of proto-morphological representations and to provide a(More)
This paper describes a system for the acquisition, real-time synchronization and analysis of acoustic, electropalatographic (EPG) and ultrasonographic (UTI) data. Simultaneous data on linguo-palatal contact and tongue sagittal profiles are captured for rhotic consonants produced by a native speaker of Italian. Three anterior variants of /r/ ([ɾ], [ɹ̝] and(More)
This paper investigates the processing of Italian affixed forms differing for morphotactic transparency. A lexical decision task with immediate priming was used. Following the principles of morphotactic transparency and Natural Morphology, the priming effect was hypothesized to be stronger for items with a higher degree of morphotactic transparency.(More)
Significant experimental and theoretical progress has been made in the U.S. heavy ion fusion program on high-current sources, injectors, transport, final focusing, chambers and targets for high energy density physics (HEDP) and inertial fusion energy (IFE) driven by induction linac accelerators. One focus of present research is the beam physics associated(More)
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