Chiara Burattini

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A major difficulty in treating alcohol addiction is the high rate of relapse even after prolonged abstinence. Relapse can be triggered by several factors, including stress, re-exposure to the drug, conditioned discrete stimuli and exposure to the context in which alcohol consumption occurred. The present study investigated the role played by the(More)
Recent studies investigated the non-visual effects of light on cognitive processes and mood regulation and showed that light exposure has positive effects on circadian rhythms and alertness, vigilance and mood states and also increases work productivity. However, the effects of light exposure on visuo-spatial abilities and executive functions have only been(More)
The European Union is working on strategies in order to increase the energy efficiency of buildings. A useful solution is to identify the energy performance of buildings through the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), as it provides information for the comparison of buildings with different architectural typology, shape, design technology and geographic(More)
The smart and resilient city evolves by slow procedures of mutation without radical changes, increasing the livability of its territory. The value of the city center in a Smart City can increase through urban lighting systems: its elements on the territory can collect and convey data to increase services to city users; the electrical system becomes the(More)
Light-emitting diodes (LED) are a promising light source for the cultivation of edible vegetables in greenhouses. The spectral radiation of the light sources has an impact on plants physiological parameters, as well as on morphological features. In this study the growth of spinach plants has been carried out in experimental boxes under two white LED(More)
Stimulation elicited by a real world field of view is related to the color, the intensity and the direction of the information reaching the eye: different spectral power distributions of light trigger different responses. An evaluation of the stimulation provided by the field of view can be performed by measuring the spectral radiance with a(More)
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