Chiara Bolcato

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G Protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) selectivity is an important aspect of drug discovery process, and distinguishing between related receptor subtypes is often the key to therapeutic success.(More)
We have recently reported that the combination of molecular electrostatic potential (MEP) surface properties (autocorrelation vectors) with the conventional partial least squares (PLS) analysis can(More)
A new series of potential adenosine receptor antagonists with a [1,2,4]-triazolo-[3,4-f]-purine structure have been synthesized, and their affinities at the four adenosine receptor subtypes (A1, A2A,(More)
The integration of ligand- and structure-based strategies might sensitively increase the success of drug discovery process. We have recently described the application of Molecular Electrostatic(More)
Some pyrazolotriazolopyrimidines bearing different heteroarylcarbamoylamino moieties at the N5-position are described. We previously reported the synthesis of a water soluble compound with high(More)