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OBJECTIVE The aim of this research was to characterize hospitalizations associated with discharges against medical advice (DAMA) in a large, population-based data system. MATERIALS AND METHODS This was a retrospective cohort study on 11 436 500 hospital admissions. The hospital discharge records for residents of the Veneto region (north-east Italy)(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to analyze the characteristics of accident and emergency department (A and E) access, process management and outcome after grouping patients by their citizenship. METHODS The study was conducted using the recorded linkage database at a local public health agency in north-east Italy. We investigated 35,541 adult(More)
BACKGROUND Pneumonia is an important cause of illness and death, particularly in elderly adults. This retrospective study was conducted to estimate the trend of hospitalization for pneumonia in the Veneto from the records of all hospitals in the region (serving a population of 4.81 million) during the years 2004 through 2012. METHODS The cases of(More)
OBJECTIVES This study aimed at assessing public health residents' perceived health system governance (HSG) training needs and to define a competency framework for "good governance" to improve Public Health physicians' curricula. METHODS A questionnaire was administered to all Italian medical residents on postgraduate courses in Hygiene and Preventive(More)
Long-term persistence of immunity was assessed in 66 patients who had contracted tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) and in 126 subjects who had completed primary TBE immunization using a conventional three-dose schedule from 3 to 8 years earlier. Immunity was tested in the subjects stratified by age as follows: ≤40 years (N = 37); 41-60 years (N = 100); and over(More)
We studied whether MF59-adjuvanted influenza vaccine improves immunity against drifted influenza strains in institutionalised elderly with underling chronic health conditions. Sera from a randomized study, comparing MF59-adjuvanted (Sub/MF59, n = 72), virosomal (SVV, n = 39), and split (n = 88) vaccines, were retested using a hemagglutination inhibition(More)
BACKGROUND This study evaluates the epidemiological impact of RVGE hospitalisation in the Veneto Region during the period spanning from 2000-2007 along with the associated costs. The analysis was conducted in an area where rotavirus vaccination is not included into immunization programmes and is an attempt to assess the potential benefits of such(More)
BACKGROUND From 2007, in the Veneto Region (Italy), a surveillance system for invasive pneumococcal diseases (IPD) was implemented to estimate the regional epidemiology of IPD and to evaluate the impact of 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV13) vaccination. METHODS Data were collected from 2007 to 2014 and the total, annual and age-specific IPD(More)
The widespread use of poliovirus vaccination schemes has led to a marked decline in the incidence of paralytic poliomyelitis worldwide, but wild poliovirus is still endemic in some developing countries, and in 2009 a total of 23 countries reported at least 1 case of poliomyelitis caused by wild-strain polio viruses. A serological survey was thus conducted(More)
OBJECTIVE To define the prevalence of overweight and obesity among school-aged children resident in mountain areas, rural areas and urban areas. DESIGN, SETTING AND SUBJECTS The sample (n = 12832; 50.7% boys) included 9- and 11-year-old children of the Veneto Region of north-east Italy. Overweight and obesity status were determined using the International(More)