Chiao-Ying A Ju

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The CD25(+)Foxp3(+) regulatory T-cells (Treg) that had lost CD25 and Foxp3 in vivo (ex-Treg) exist but are difficult to study. We generated antigen (Ag)-specific Treg hybridomas from iTreg clones (iTreg-hyb) using iTreg of DO11.10.Foxp3-GFP mice and presented evidence that they behave like ex-Treg. The iTreg-hyb displayed little CD25 and Foxp3-GFP but(More)
Targeted therapy of human cancers is an attractive approach and has been investigated with limited success. We have developed novel cytotoxic agents for targeted therapy of human cancers based on the extracellular cytotoxicity domain of CD178 (FasL) and the specificity offered by single chain antibodies (scFv) against dominant human tumor Ag TAG-72(More)
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