Chiao-Ling Weng

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Enhancement of the production of soluble recombinant penicillin acylase in Escherichia coli via coexpression of a periplasmic protease/chaperone, DegP, was demonstrated. Coexpression of DegP resulted in a shift of in vivo penicillin acylase (PAC) synthesis flux from the nonproductive pathway to the productive one when pac was overexpressed. The number of(More)
Expression of the leaderless pac gene (LL pac), which lacks the coding region for the signal peptide of penicillin acylase (PAC), in Escherichia coli was conducted. It was demonstrated that the PAC precursor, proPAC, can be produced and even processed to form mature PAC in the cytoplasm, indicating that the posttranslational processing steps for PAC(More)
The pac gene encoding penicillin acylase (PAC) was overexpressed under the regulation of the T7 promoter in Escherichia coli. PAC, with its complex formation mechanism, serves as a unique target protein for demonstration of several key strategies for enhancing recombinant protein production. The current T7 system for pac overexpression was fraught with(More)
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