Chiao-Hsuan Chao

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Vascular leakage is an important feature of acute inflammatory shock, which currently has no effective treatment. Macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) is a pro-inflammatory cytokine that can induce vascular leakage and plays an important role in the pathogenesis of shock. However, the mechanism of MIF-induced vascular leakage is still unclear. In(More)
Protection against many infectious diseases may require the induction of cell-mediated and mucosal immunity. Immunization with plasmid DNA-based vaccines has successfully induced cell-mediated immune responses in small animals but is less potent in humans. Therefore, several methods are under investigation to augment DNA vaccine immunogenicity. In the(More)
Vascular leakage contributes to the high morbidity and mortality associated with sepsis. Exposure of the endothelium to inflammatory mediators, such as thrombin and cytokines, during sepsis leads to hyperpermeability. We recently observed that autophagy, a cellular process for protein turnover, is involved in macrophage migration inhibitory factor(More)
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