Chiao-En Hsieh

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We present SoEs (Sword of Elements), an attachable augmented haptic device for enhancing gaming controller in the immersive first-person game. Generally, Player can easily receive visual and auditory feedback through head-mounted displays (HMD) and headphones from first-person perspective in virtual world. However, the tactile feedback is less than those(More)
With the recent advances of head-mounted displays (HMD) for immersive virtual reality, game designers are able to provide players with many different gameplay to manipulate in the virtual environment. Like most of the console platforms and portable devices, tactile feedback is an important aspect in games and for notification. For example, Po2 [Israr et al.(More)
To alleviate cybersickness in the immersive virtual reality (VR), teleportation is a common method of moving around in virtual spaces. Although users can receive the visual and auditory feedbacks from their first-person perspective with the advances of immersive head-mounted displays (HMD), they do not have the haptic experience when they teleport to(More)
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