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Brand switching or reduced consumption? A study of how cigarette taxes affect tobacco consumption
We examined the influence of cigarette taxes on tobacco consumption, with an emphasis on smokers’ choice between reducing cigarette consumption and switching brands. We constructed threeExpand
Does better service induce higher profitability? Evidence from Taiwanese Hospitality Industry.
Abstract We adopt Wang et al. (2006) service quality measure to examine how the qualities of various hotel services affect hotel's profitability using panel data in the Taiwanese internationalExpand
How does hotel pricing influence guest satisfaction by the moderating influence of room occupancy
Abstract Whether the product price increases customer satisfaction or rather decreases it has been actively debated for some time. A non-linear correlation between the hotel price and guestExpand
The decision-making process of and the decisive factors in accommodation choice
This study examines tourists’ decision-making process of and highlights the decisive factors in accommodation choice, employing the discrete choice (multinomial logit and nested logit) models andExpand
A comparison study of travel expenditure and consumption choices between first-time and repeat visitors
This study examines the differences in expenditures and consumers' product consumption choices between first-time and repeat visitors. We applied the data collected from the 2009 Annual Survey ReportExpand
A quantile regression approach to re-investigate the relationship between sleep duration and body mass index in Taiwan
ObjectivePrevious studies on the relationship between sleep duration and body mass index (BMI) have shown inconsistent results by using estimation strategies within the framework of ordinary leastExpand
How demand uncertainty and market concentration affect long-term price instability
Abstract The object of this paper was to investigate the long-term influences of demand uncertainty and market concentration on price instability in the hotel industry. We applied 1996–2008 price andExpand
Does air pollution drive away tourists? A case study of the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area, Taiwan
Abstract Tourism is evidently one of critical contributors to air pollution, while, air pollution seems to drive tourists away. This paper aims to explore whether air pollution, especially the carbonExpand
The causality examination between demand uncertainty and hotel failure: a case study of international tourist hotels in Taiwan.
Abstract The hotel business is highly sensitive to economic cycles, as the industry faces high frequency and high fluctuation of uncertainty over the demand for lodging services. Without a thoroughExpand