Chiang-Ho Cheng

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A novel technique for the fabrication of micro electromagnetic actuators was proposed and a prototype was designed and fabricated in this study. The constituent parts of the designed actuator are comprised of a diaphragm, a micro coil, and a magnet. When an electrical current was applied to the micro coils, the magnetic force between the magnet and the coil(More)
This paper presents the mechanical design, the locomotion and the associated dynamic model of a new robotic wheelchair on climbing winding stairs. The prototype stair-climbing robotic wheelchair is constructed comprising a pair of rotational multi-limbed structures pivotally mounted on opposite sides of a support base so that the robotic wheelchair can(More)
A motion planning problem for a planar robot on a path with singularity is studied in this paper. The motion planning problem is solved by a proposed hybrid motion planning method to guarantee the robustness of singularity and to reduce the computing load of the optimal-perturbation problem. To verify the proposed method, a tracking path with singularity is(More)
This paper proposes an optimization approach to the maximum dynamic wrench capability of a reconfigurable motor-driven parallel manipulator. The focus is on determination of the optimal reconfiguration which accomplishes the prescribed motion for the maximum dynamic wrench capability subject to the constraints imposed by the kinematics and dynamics of the(More)
Mask alignment of photolithography technology is used in many applications, such as micro electro mechanical systems’ semiconductor process, printed circuits board, and flat panel display. As the dimensions of the product are getting smaller and smaller, the automatic mask alignment of photolithography is becoming more and more important. The traditional(More)
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