Chiaki Nishimura

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Site-directed mutagenesis has been used to probe the interactions that stabilize the equilibrium and burst phase kinetic intermediates formed by apomyoglobin. Nine bulky hydrophobic residues in the A, E, G and H helices were replaced by alanine, and the effects on protein stability and kinetic folding pathways were determined. Hydrogen exchange(More)
The earliest steps in the folding of proteins are complete on an extremely rapid time scale that is difficult to access experimentally. We have used rapid-mixing quench-flow methods to extend the time resolution of folding studies on apomyoglobin and elucidate the structural and dynamic features of members of the ensemble of intermediate states that are(More)
To clarify the correlation between temporal circumpapillary retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) thickness and macular ganglion cell complex (mGCC) thickness in glaucomatous eyes. Seventy-seven eyes of 77 subjects were categorized as normal, early glaucoma and moderate-to-advanced (moderate) glaucoma. After the circumpapillary RNFL thickness and mGCC thickness(More)
To test the hypothesis that the folding pathways of evolutionarily related proteins with similar three-dimensional structures but widely different sequences should be similar, the folding pathway of apoleghemoglobin has been characterized using stopped-flow circular dichroism, heteronuclear NMR pulse labeling techniques and mass spectrometry. The pathway of(More)
The folding pathways of four mutants in which bulky hydrophobic residues in the B helix of apomyoglobin (ApoMb) are replaced by alanine (I28A, L29A, I30A, and L32A) have been analyzed using equilibrium and kinetic methods employing NMR, CD, fluorescence and mass spectrometry. Hydrogen exchange pulse-labeling followed by mass spectrometry reveals detectable(More)
The anti-hypertensive effect of GABA-rich Chlorella was studied after oral administration for 12 weeks in the subjects with high-normal blood pressure and borderline hypertension in the placebo-controlled, double-blind manner in order to investigate if GABA-rich Chlorella, a dietary supplement, is useful in control of blood pressure. Eighty subjects with(More)
Extensive analysis of accurate quench-flow hydrogen exchange results indicates that the burst phase kinetic intermediate in the folding of apomyoglobin (apoMb) from urea is structurally heterogeneous. The structural variability is associated with the partial folding of the E helix during the burst phase (<6.4ms) of the folding process. Analysis of the(More)
Adipokines are cytokines derived from adipose tissue. Recently it has been established that adipokines are closely linked to the pathophysiology of not only metabolic diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, obesity, and atherosclerosis, but also to inflammation and immune diseases. In this study we measured serum levels of adipokines in patients with acute(More)
It has been reported that lymphatic invasion is a predictor for lymph node metastasis in early gastric cancer (EGC); however, it has been impossible to differentiate between lymphatic invasion and blood vessel invasion using current staining techniques. We studied the significance of lymphatic invasion on regional lymph node metastasis in EGC by using human(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the usefulness of the spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (SD OCT)-determined ganglion cell complex thickness to total retinal thickness ratio (G/T ratio) in diagnosing glaucoma. METHODS A total of 99 eyes with primary open-angle glaucoma and 35 normal eyes were enrolled in the study. SD OCT (RTVue-100) was used to measure the(More)