Chiaki Kobayashi

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OBJECTIVE Most patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) show slowly progressive deterioration. However, accelerated deterioration also occurs in patient with IPF who have previously shown slowly progressive deterioration. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the CT findings of accelerated deterioration in patients with IPF. MATERIALS AND(More)
To evaluate the effect of deferasirox in human myeloid leukemia cells, and to identify the molecular pathways responsible for antiproliferative effects on leukemia cells during chelation therapy, we performed gene expression profiling to focus on the pathway involved in the anticancer effect of deferasirox. The inhibitory concentration (IC50) of deferasirox(More)
Genetically encoded Ca(2+) indicators (GECIs) are powerful tools to image activities of defined cell populations. Here, we developed an improved red fluorescent GECI, termed R-CaMP1.07, by mutagenizing R-GECO1. In HeLa cell assays, R-CaMP1.07 exhibited a 1.5-2-fold greater fluorescence response compared to R-GECO1. In hippocampal pyramidal neurons,(More)
Imaging the activities of individual neurons with genetically encoded Ca(2+) indicators (GECIs) is a promising method for understanding neuronal network functions. Here, we report GECIs with improved neuronal Ca(2+) signal detectability, termed G-CaMP6 and G-CaMP8. Compared to a series of existing G-CaMPs, G-CaMP6 showed fairly high sensitivity and rapid(More)
Plasma microRNA (miRNA) has become a promising biomarker for detecting cancer; however, it remains uncertain whether miRNA expression levels in plasma reflect those in tumor cells. Our aim was to determine the biological relevance of miR-92a, which has been implicated as an oncomiR in both plasma and leukemia cells in patients with acute leukemia and to(More)
Correlated spiking activity prevails in immature cortical networks and is believed to contribute to neuronal circuit maturation; however, its spatiotemporal organization is not fully understood. Using wide-field calcium imaging from acute whole-brain slices of rat pups on postnatal days 1-6, we found that correlated spikes were initiated in the anterior(More)
OBJECTIVE Recently, repeated home blood pressure (HBP) measurements in the morning for a long period have been shown to have a stronger predictive power for mortality in patients with hypertension than occasional casual/clinic blood pressure (CBP) measurements. We studied whether HBP in the morning in type 2 diabetic patients is useful for prediction of(More)
PURPOSE To increase the availability of cultured corneal epithelial cell sheets as a replacement for corneal limbal allograft, the effects of cryopreservation on viability of cultured corneal epithelial cells were investigated. METHODS Normal rabbit corneal limbal tissue was excised, and the cells were cultured with mitomycin C-treated 3T3-J2 cells as a(More)
Sea urchin larvae near metamorphosis form an adult rudiment that is a complex of the juvenile structures. However, the details of the mechanisms that form the adult rudiment are unknown. The temnopleurid sea urchins Temnopleurus toreumaticus and Temnopleurus reevesii occur in Japan, but the development of their juvenile morphology has not been described. In(More)
We calculate the evolution of heavy element abundances from C to Zn in the solar neighborhood adopting our new nucleosynthesis yields. Our yields are calculated for wide ranges of metallicity (Z = 0 − Z⊙) and the explosion energy (normal supernovae and hypernovae), based on the light curve and spectra fitting of individual supernovae. The elemental(More)