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The Biostratigraphic studies were carried out on core samples of XFormation atDahomey Basin was studied and some key evaluations were reached. The Paleocene age was assigned to the XFormation whichExpand
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Surface Geophysics Character of Maastrichtian - Danian Sediments in parts of Udi - Ezeagu Area, Southern Anambra Basin, Nigeria
Safe and sustainable development of groundwater resources is a key element of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Pursuant to this, surface geophysics involving the Vertical Electrical SoundingExpand
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The role of accommodation/sediment supply regime/basin morphology in predictingcoastal depositional style: A sequence stratigraphic framework approach forselected deep wells of oligocene-miocene
The Oligocene – Miocene sediments of Selected Deep wells in Niger Delta is represented by marine strata that were deposited in either fluvial- wave – or tide – influenced environments. The wire lineExpand
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Micro paleontological depth palaeoecology of early miocene sequences andsystems tracts: A case study of A-60 well in Niger Delta Basin Nigeria
High resolution Biostratigraphic analysis of palaeoecology & systems tract using micropaleontological data acquired from Early Miocene sediments of A-60 Well drilled to a total depth of 14,616ft wasExpand
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Paleoenvironmental Indications From Textural Parameters: A Case Study Of The Paleocene To Eocene Sandstones In Some Parts Of Anambra Basin, South-Eastern, Nigeria.
Paleoenvironmental study of Paleocene to Eocene Sandstone in some parts of Anambra Basin was studied using textural parameters, which includes sieve analysis and pebble morphological methods. TheExpand
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Palynofacies And Kerogen Analysis Of Upper Cretaceous (Early Campanian To Maatrichtian) Enugu Shale And Mamu Formation In Anambra Basin, South-Eastern, Nigeria
The palynofacies and kerogen analysis of the Upper Cretaceous units (Campanian-Maastrichtian) of the Anambra Basin, Southeastern Nigeria was carried out in the studied area. Two major palynofaciesExpand
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