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Tumor cells require thymidylate kinase to prevent dUTP incorporation during DNA repair.
The synthesis of dTDP is unique because there is a requirement for thymidylate kinase (TMPK). All other dNDPs including dUDP are directly produced by ribonucleotide reductase (RNR). We report theExpand
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Protocadherin 10 suppresses tumorigenesis and metastasis in colorectal cancer and its genetic loss predicts adverse prognosis
Protocadherin 10 (PCDH10), a novel tumor suppressor gene in human cancers, is located in a common deleted region at chromosome 4q28 in colorectal cancer (CRC). This study aimed to ascertain theExpand
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Oversampling to Overcome Overfitting: Exploring the Relationship between Data Set Composition, Molecular Descriptors, and Predictive Modeling Methods
The traditional biological assay is very time-consuming, and thus the ability to quickly screen large numbers of compounds against a specific biological target is appealing. Expand
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Design of accurate predictors for DNA-binding sites in proteins using hybrid SVM-PSSM method
We propose a hybrid method using support vector machine (SVM) in conjunction with evolutionary information of amino acid sequences in terms of their position-specific scoring matrices (PSSMs) for prediction of DNA-binding sites. Expand
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Random-Coil Behavior of Chemically Denatured Topologically Knotted Proteins Revealed by Small-Angle X-ray Scattering.
Recent studies on the mechanisms by which topologically knotted proteins attain their natively knotted structures have intrigued theoretical and experimental biophysicists. Of particular interest isExpand
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Entropic stabilization of a deubiquitinase provides conformational plasticity and slow unfolding kinetics beneficial for functioning on the proteasome
Human ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolyase UCH-L5 is a topologically knotted deubiquitinase that is activated upon binding to the proteasome subunit Rpn13. The length of its intrinsically disorderedExpand
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Forensic Application of Analytical Mechanics in Fatal Fall From a Height
Fatal fall from a height initiated with a swinging motion on the sagittal plane of the victim's body is examined. Method of analytical mechanics is adopted to establish the functional relationsExpand
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Microwave Assisted Reduction of Pt-Catalyst by N-Phenyl-p-Phenylenediamine for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
The presence of N-phenyl-p-phenylenediamine (PPDA: a dimer of aniline) during microwave (MW) irradiation can significantly improve Pt-loading on the XC72 carbon matrix as a catalyst support of protonExpand
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Preparation and characterization of DNA-aromatic surfactant complexes for optoelectronic applications
DNA biopolymer has emerging as a promising material in photonic applications. In this paper, we present the preparation and characterization of a series of DNA-surfactant complexes based on aromaticExpand
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Template-Based de Novo Design for Type II Kinase Inhibitors and Its Extended Application to Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors
There is a compelling need to discover type II inhibitors targeting the unique DFG-out inactive kinase conformation since they are likely to possess greater potency and selectivity relative toExpand
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