Chia-Yu Lin

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This paper examines the decision problems associated with measurement and remediation of environmental hazards, using the example of indoor radon (a carcinogen) as a case study. Innovative methods developed here include (1) the use of results from a previous hierarchical statistical analysis to obtain probability distributions with local variation in both(More)
A real-time telemetry system, which consists of readout circuits, an analog-to-digital converter (ADC), a microcontroller unit (MCU), a graphical user interface (GUI), and a radio frequency (RF) transceiver, is proposed for amperometric and potentiometric electrochemical sensors. By integrating the proposed system with the electrochemical sensors, analyte(More)
N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) glutamate receptors mediate fast neurotransmission and regulate synaptic plasticity in the brain. Disruption of NMDA receptor-mediated signaling by noncompetitive antagonists, such as PCP or ketamine, evokes psychotomimetic behaviors, although the cellular mechanisms by which hypofunctional NMDA receptor signaling drives(More)
BACKGROUND As experience with vascularized lymph node (VLN) transfer has grown, new VLN sources have become apparent. Descriptive studies have elucidated variable lymph node presence in these donor basins. Yet, no study has evaluated preoperative imaging evaluation between donor sites in patients undergoing VLN transfer. This study was to compare the(More)
—Mobile devices become popular with the help of hardware improvements and new functions supported by many sensors. In this paper, we propose a mobile and multi-sensing fusion platform to integrate the unstructured streaming sensing data collecting as well as processing technology and build a QoS (quality of service) performance model to estimate the(More)