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BACKGROUND Prescription errors that occur due to the process of pill splitting are a common medication problem; however, available prescription information involving inappropriate pill splitting and its associated factors is lacking. METHODS We retrospectively evaluated a cohort of ambulatory prescriptions involving extended-release or enteric-coated(More)
In a previous study we provided analytical and experimental evidence that some materials are able to store entropy-flow, of which the heat-conduction behaves as standing waves in a bounded region small enough in practice. In this paper we continue to develop distributed control of heat conduction in these thermal-inductive materials. The control objective(More)
BACKGROUND To investigate the nationwide trend of ambulatory prescriptions of short-acting nifedipine on a PRN (pro re nata) order over a fifteen-year period in Taiwan. METHODS The systematic sampling claims datasets (0.2% sampling ratio) of ambulatory care visits within Taiwan's National Health Insurance from 1997 to 2011 were analyzed. The prescriptions(More)
PURPOSE Significantly increasing heart transplantations have been performed in Taiwan in the past decades, but the trends of maintenance immunosuppression for heart transplant recipients have not been well known. In this study, we aimed to explore the trends of maintenance immunosuppressive therapy and common complications for heart transplant recipients.(More)
BACKGROUND Prescribing inappropriate pill splitting is not rare in clinical practice. To reduce inappropriate pill splitting, we developed an automatic warning system linked to a computerized physician order entry (CPOE) system for special oral formulation drugs in outpatient settings. We examined the impact of the warning system on inappropriate(More)
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