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Keywords: Source credibility Argument quality Informational social influence Normative social influence Cognitive response Affective response a b s t r a c t Firms invest millions of dollars in the introduction of new information systems for long-term benefit. If employees are not willing to accept a new information system, such investments may be wasted.(More)
In our dynamic environment with its accelerating technological progress, knowledge has become a very important asset through which firms can acquire competitive advantages. Most previous studies have focused on the influence of the technological perspective of knowledge management (KM) programs, neglecting the influence of the human side of the situation.(More)
Artikel Penelitian ini milik penulis/peneliti yang diserahkan sebagian (judul dan Abstrak) hak ciptanya kepada Universitas Airlangga untuk digunakan referensi dalam penulisan artikel ilmiah. Abstrak : When the cost of raw materials or component parts dominates the product cost, supplier selection becomes a crucial process for the company to maintain the(More)
The process of generating innovative ideas includes a number of complex tasks. Firms are increasingly turning to group project and teamwork structures to perform these tasks. Simply focusing on group members' engagement is insufficient to account for the ability of the firm to face challenges and the need to coordinate the efforts of hundreds of workers.(More)
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