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The representations of orientation and shape were studied in the responses of cutaneous mechanoreceptors to an isolated, raised object on a planar surface stroked across the fingerpad. The objects were the top portions of a sphere with a 5-mm radius, and two toroids each with a radius of 5 mm along one axis and differing radii of 1 or 3 mm along the(More)
In the pursuit of peripheral neural representations of shape for the sense of touch, a series of two- and three-dimensional objects were stroked across the fingerpad of the anesthetized monkey and responses evoked in cutaneous mechanoreceptive primary afferent nerve fibers recorded. Responses of slowly adapting fibers (SAs) and rapidly adapting fibers (RAs)(More)
– This work explores independent components of correlated firing in area MT. The pair-wise time-varying firing rate of two neighboring MT neurons in response to the same stimulus is estimated by the spline approximation to averaged spike trains over trials, and processed by the PottsICA algorithm for recovering independent sources. Numerical results show(More)
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