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Previous studies have presented conflicting claims regarding reasons that people become addicted to the Internet. In this study, we attempted to identify predictors of Internet addiction based on Sullivan's interpersonal theory and Internet addiction literature. In our research model, it is hypothesized that good parent-child relationship positively(More)
BACKGROUND Professional cleaning has emerged as a new industry in Taiwan in the past few years. However, information about the workload and prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) among these workers is still limited. This study investigated the prevalence of musculoskeletal discomforts and the characteristics of musculoskeletal activities of(More)
BACKGROUND The association between obesity and depression remains equivocal. The aims of this study were to examine the association between body mass index (BMI) and depressive symptoms in the Chinese adult population. METHODS In this study, data from the Health Promotion Knowledge, Attitudes, and Performance Survey, conducted in 2002 among 20,385(More)
P2P (peer-to-peer) streaming systems are getting more and more popular in recent years. P2P streaming architectures can be classified into tree-based and mesh-based. The tree-based architecture has low start-up delay, but is less resilient to node failures compared to the mesh-based architecture, and it would result in a low delivery ratio and unstable(More)
Over the past few decades, the widespread phenomenon of Internet abuse has gained attention from the public, academia, and the media. In a departure from this negative viewpoint, however, researchers and educators have devoted considerable effort in attempting to understand the influence of online communication on people's psychological well-being. This(More)
The descending noradrenergic (NAergic) system is one of the important endogenous analgesia systems. It has been suggested that noxious stimuli could activate descending NAergic system; nevertheless, the underlying neuronal circuit remains unclear. As NAergic neurons in the A7 catecholamine cell group (A7) are a part of the descending NAergic system and the(More)
Recently, many related researches focus on using mathematical approaches or artificial techniques to efficiently improve software development process (SDP). This paper provides a managerial viewpoint to discuss software process improvement (SPI) and introduces an alternative orientation that can lead to asking new questions. We combine activity-based(More)
The current progress of network technique and the complication of network structure make administrators must spend more time and mind to maintain the system and the network under normal operation. With continuously increasing dependence on the network, it seems to be a knotty matter to know how to effectively manage all equipments on the network and to make(More)
AIM Muscle atrophy is a common symptom after nerve denervation. Myostatin propeptide, a precursor of myostatin, has been documented to improve muscle growth. However, the mechanism underlying the muscle atrophy attenuation effects of myostatin propeptide in muscles and the changes in gene expression are not well established. We investigated the possible(More)