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Source monitoring refers to mental processes leading to attributions regarding the origin of information. We tested Johnson, Hashtroudi, and Lindsay's (1993) assumption that prior source-relevant knowledge is used in some source-monitoring tasks. In two experiments using different domains of schematic knowledge, two sources presented information that was(More)
This study investigated the current situation of home nursing services in Taiwan. A total of 93 home nursing agencies (response rate of 75%) responded to a mail survey. The majority of the agencies (63%) had been established within the last 3 years before the survey, were hospital-based (90%), and had less than 60 (89.3%) average total number of visits per(More)
The purpose of this study was to explore the indicators of quality of care in nursing homes from the perspective of residents. A qualitative research method with in-depth interviews and participant observation was used to collect the data. Sample consisted of 10 residents from three accredited nursing homes in Keelung, Chia-I, and Kaohsiung. The study found(More)
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