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Rain removal from a video is a challenging problem and has been recently investigated extensively. Nevertheless, the problem of rain removal from a single image was rarely studied in the literature, where no temporal information among successive images can be exploited, making the problem very challenging. In this paper, we propose a single-image-based rain(More)
In transcoding, simply reusing the motion vectors extracted from an incoming video bit stream may not result in the best quality. In this paper, we show that the incoming motion vectors become nonoptimal due to the reconstruction errors. To achieve the best video quality possible, a new motion estimation should be performed in the transcoder. We propose a(More)
Video transcoding, due to its high practical values for a wide range of networked video applications, has become an active research topic. In this paper, we outline the technical issues and research results related to video transcoding. We also discuss techniques for reducing the complexity, and techniques for improving the video quality, by exploiting the(More)
With the wide applications of saliency information in visual signal processing, many saliency detection methods have been proposed. However, some key characteristics of the human visual system (HVS) are still neglected in building these saliency detection models. In this paper, we propose a new saliency detection model based on the human visual sensitivity(More)
We propose a new approach for locating forged regions in a video using correlation of noise residue. In our method, block-level correlation values of noise residual are extracted as a feature for classification. We model the distribution of correlation of temporal noise residue in a forged video as a Gaussian mixture model (GMM). We propose a two-step(More)
Saliency detection plays important roles in many image processing applications, such as regions of interest extraction and image resizing. Existing saliency detection models are built in the uncompressed domain. Since most images over Internet are typically stored in the compressed domain such as joint photographic experts group (JPEG), we propose a novel(More)
With the proliferation of online multimedia content, the popularity of multimedia streaming technology, and the establishment of MPEG video coding standards, it is important to investigate how to efficiently implement an MPEG video streaming system. Digital video cassette recording (VCR) functionality (such as random access, fast forward, fast reverse,(More)
Image retargeting techniques aim to obtain retargeted images with different sizes or aspect ratios for various display screens. Various content-aware image retargeting algorithms have been proposed recently. However, there is still no effective objective metric for visual quality assessment of retargeted images. In this paper, we propose a novel(More)