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Dynamics of Water in Hierarchical Mesoporous H-ZSM-5 by Fast Field-Cycling NMR Relaxometry
The dynamics of water molecules adsorbed in hierarchical mesoporous H-ZSM-5 was investigated by fast field-cycling NMR relaxometry. Three distinct sites in H-ZSM-5 that can host water molecules,Expand
Quintuply-bonded dichromium(I) complexes featuring metal-metal bond lengths of 1.74 A.
The construction of a metal–metal quintuple bond has long been a challenge for chemists, since a large number of quadruple-bonded dinuclear complexes have been reported and their bonding andExpand
Remarkably short metal-metal bonds: a lantern-type quintuply bonded dichromium(I) complex.
The field of quadruply bonded dinuclear complexes in which two metal atoms are embraced by eight ligands has been considered mature. The bonding and electronic structures of these compounds have beenExpand
Bond characterization on a Cr-Cr quintuple bond: a combined experimental and theoretical study.
A combined experimental and theoretical charge density study on a quintuply bonded dichromium complex, Cr(2)(dipp)(2) (dipp = (Ar)NC(H)N(Ar) and Ar = 2,6-i-Pr(2)-C(6)H(3)), is performed. Two dippExpand
Stepwise construction of the Cr-Cr quintuple bond and its destruction upon axial coordination.
Give me five! Terdentate 2,6-diamidopyridyl ligands were used to stabilize the Cr-Cr quintuple bond and have made it possible to isolate and characterize not only the Cr-Cr quintuple-bonded complex,Expand
A differentially pumped harmonic filter on the Chemical Dynamics Beamline at the Advanced Light Source
A differentially pumped rare gas cell has been developed to suppress undulator harmonics on the Chemical Dynamics Beamline at the Advanced Light Source. Greater than 104 suppression of the harmonicsExpand
Dissecting Porosity in Molecular Crystals: Influence of Geometry, Hydrogen Bonding, and [π···π] Stacking on the Solid-State Packing of Fluorinated Aromatics.
Porous molecular crystals are an emerging class of porous materials that is unique in being built from discrete molecules rather than being polymeric in nature. In this study, we examined the effectsExpand
Adsorption-driven self-sorting of dynamic imine libraries.
Differences in adsorption among the components of complex mixtures play a role in separations, surface-based sensing, and heterogeneous catalysis, and have been implicated in theories of the originExpand
Rotational-resolved pulsed field ionization photoelectron bands for H2+(X 2Σg+, v+=0, 2, 9 and 11)
Abstract We present here the assignment and simulation of rotational transitions for the H 2 + (X  2 Σ g + , v + =0, 2, 9 and 11) vibronic bands using the Buckingham–Orr–Sichel (BOS) model. TheExpand
High resolution threshold and pulsed field ionization photoelectron spectroscopy using multi-bunch synchrotron radiation
We have demonstrated a resolution of 0.8 meV [full width at half-maximum (FWHM)] for threshold photoelectron measurements using a steradiancy-type zero kinetic energy photoelectron (ZEKE-PE) analyzerExpand