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Reliability Improvement of 28-nm High-$k$ /Metal Gate-Last MOSFET Using Appropriate Oxygen Annealing
In this letter, performance and reliability of high-k/metal gate MOSFETs can be effectively improved using post metallization annealing. Both oxygen and nitrogen were shown to diffuse into aExpand
NBTI reliability on high-k metal-gate SiGe transistor and circuit performances
Negative-bias temperature instability (NBTI) on high-k metal-gate SiGe p-channel MOSFETs has been examined using extracted fresh and stressed BSIM4 model parameters in circuit simulation. Expand
Improvement of TDDB reliability, characteristics of HfO2 high-k/metal gate MOSFET device with oxygen post deposition annealing
In this work, influences of oxygen effect on an Hf-based high-k gate dielectric were investigated. Expand
The Improvement of High-$k$/Metal Gate pMOSFET Performance and Reliability Using Optimized Si Cap/SiGe Channel Structure
The impact of the Si cap/SiGe layer on the Hf-based high-<i>k</i> /metal gate SiGe channel pMOSFET performance and reliability has been investigated. We proposed an optimized strain SiGe channel withExpand
Impact of strain on hot electron reliability of dual-band power amplifier and integrated LNA-mixer RF performances
We study the impact of channel hot electron stress on dual-band class-E power amplifier and integrated low-noise amplifier-mixer RF performances. Expand
Impact of oxygen annealing on high-k gate stack defects characterized by random telegraph noise
The impact of post metal-deposition annealing (PMA) on the trap behavior of high-k/metal-gate metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors has been studied using drain current random telegraphExpand
The impacts of high tensile stress CESL and geometry design on device performance and reliability for 90 nm SOI nMOSFETs
The thickness effects of high-tensile-stress contact etch stop layer (HS CESL) and impact of layout geometry (length of diffusion and gate width) on mobility enhancement of FB-SOI nMOSFETs were studied in detail. Expand
Significantly improving sub-90 nm CMOSFET performances with notch-gate enhanced high tensile-stress contact etch stop layer
This paper reports to improve performances of sub-90 nm CMOSFETs with a notch-gate structure enhanced high tensile-stress contact etch stop layer (CESL). Expand
Low-Frequency Noise Characteristics for Various -Added -Based 28-nm High- /Metal-Gate nMOSFETs
In this letter, the effect of adding ZrO2 to different positions in an HfO2-based high-k (HK) gate-stack is investigated by a low-frequency (1/ f ) noise measurement. The tested nMOSFETs areExpand
Effect of Nitrogen Incorporation in a Gd Cap Layer on the Reliability of Deep-Submicrometer Hf-Based High-$k$/Metal-Gate nMOSFETs
In this letter, the effect of nitrogen incorporation in a Gd cap layer on the reliability of Hf-based high- k/metal-gate nMOSFETs is investigated in detail. NH3 post plasma treatment was implementedExpand