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—This brief presents a frequency estimation algorithm (FEA) for an all-digital phase-locked loop (ADPLL) instead of the traditional binary frequency-searching algorithm. Based on the proposed FEA and a new fast-lock scheme, a fast-lock engine is designed to improve the lock-in time of an ADPLL design with two referenced clock cycles. An implementation of(More)
—A novel Digital Controlled Oscillator (DCO) design methodology is presented in this paper. The new design methodology includes a scalable DCO architecture and the developed design flow. With precise analysis in early stage, the design effort of DCO can be reduced significantly. The proposed DCO architecture has the characteristics of, high resolution,(More)
—This paper presents a Frequency-Estimation Algorithm for the ADPLL designs instead of traditional binary frequency-search algorithm. With the proposed ADPLL architecture and synchronization process, the lock time can be optimized to two cycles. As the reference clock varies or frequency multiplication switches, lock time holds in two reference clock(More)
—A cell-based all-digital PWCL is presented in this paper. To improve design effort as well as facilitate system-level integration, the new design can be developed in hardware description language (HDL) and implemented with standard-cell libraries, therefore, easily portable between technologies. In addition, a high-resolution architecture is designed to(More)
—In this paper, a high-speed, scalable on-chip serial transmission design is proposed to provide 2Gb/s transmission bandwidth for SoC applications. By using the dynamic control technology, we can generate a fast and reliable control signal to activate and stop the oscillation of ring oscillator. By using the single-phase pulse-triggered TSPC shift register(More)
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