Chia-Pin R. Liu

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In this study, the correlation or comparability was assessed in the values of virus titers measured by either infectivity assay [reported as 50% tissue culture infectious doses (TCID(50)/ml)] or by immunofluorescence assay [reported as 50% fluorescent antibody infectious dose (FAID(50)/ml)]. The results demonstrate that bovine virus titers measured in(More)
OBJECTIVES We tested whether the interaction between host gastric Le(x) antigen and the SabA protein of H. pylori determined gastric colonization density. METHODS A total of 145 H. pylori-infected patients were assessed for their bacterial density and gastric Le(b) and sialyl-Le(x) expression. Their corresponding H. pylori isolates were tested for babA2(More)
By using Y chromosome specific sex-determining region (Sry) as a new cytogenetic marker and PCR technique, the characteristics of proliferation and differentiation of hematopoietic stem cells in mice were studied. Bone marrow cells from male mice were injected into lethally-irradiated female mice, PCR results indicated that all of the CFU-S were originated(More)