Chia-Pin R. Liu

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OBJECTIVES We tested whether the interaction between host gastric Le(x) antigen and the SabA protein of H. pylori determined gastric colonization density. METHODS A total of 145 H. pylori-infected patients were assessed for their bacterial density and gastric Le(b) and sialyl-Le(x) expression. Their corresponding H. pylori isolates were tested for babA2(More)
In this study, the correlation or comparability was assessed in the values of virus titers measured by either infectivity assay [reported as 50% tissue culture infectious doses (TCID(50)/ml)] or by immunofluorescence assay [reported as 50% fluorescent antibody infectious dose (FAID(50)/ml)]. The results demonstrate that bovine virus titers measured in(More)
By using Y chromosome specific sex-determining region (Sry) as a new cytogenetic marker and PCR technique, the characteristics of proliferation and differentiation of hematopoietic stem cells in mice were studied. Bone marrow cells from male mice were injected into lethally-irradiated female mice, PCR results indicated that all of the CFU-S were originated(More)
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