Chia-Nung Li

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To see whether the surrounding real estate price after soil and groundwater pollution remediation will revert to the level before the risk of implicit pollution, this paper uses research methods, such as the hedonic price method and contingent valuation method for analysis. The results of empirical analysis reveal that the hedonic price method will be(More)
This study uses the MRT (mass rapid transit system) Banqiao Station as an example to explore residents’ satisfaction toward transit-oriented development (TOD) living environment characteristics around the Banqiao MRT station. The study uses descriptive statistics, reliability analysis, the factor analysis method and multiple regression analysis to verify(More)
Under the circumstances of limited government funds, the future pollution remediation policies and practical implementation may need contemplation from the perspective of maximized efficacy, in order to pursue the most effective resource allocation. In fact, different pollution sources and types affect the value of surrounding properties differently in(More)
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