Chia-Ming Wu

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ZigBee networks based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard are designed for wireless sensor and control networks with low-cost, low-power consumption, and low-data rate. To join in a ZigBee network with the tree topology, the hardware requirement of a device is simple and low threshold. However, a device may become an isolated node due to constraints of(More)
Recommended Citation Rupasinghe, R-A-Thilini Perera. "Dissolution and aggregation of zinc oxide nanoparticles at circumneutral pH; a study of size effects in the presence and absence of citric acid." MS ii To my ever loving " Amma " (mother), not only for being my mother, but also for teaching me the " Abc " in chemistry. As I believe, you are the giant(More)
Mesoporous titanium dioxide materials were prepared using a nanocasting technique involving silica SBA-15 as the hard-template. At an optimal loading of titanium precursor, the hexagonal periodic array of pores in SBA-15 was retained. The phases of titanium dioxide could be easily varied by the number of impregnation cycles and the nature of titanium(More)