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Many linguists consider morphological awareness a major factor that affects children's reading development. A Chi-nese character embedded in different compound words may carry related but different meanings. For example, " 商 店(store) " , " 商品(commodity) " , " 商代(Shang Dynasty) " , and " 商朝(Shang Dynasty) " can form two clusters: { " 商店 " , " 商 品 " } and { "(More)
Evidence observed in classrooms and findings reported in neurolinguistic research have suggested that awareness of the correspondence between graphemes and phonemes in Chinese is instrumental for effective learning of Chinese characters. We collected and analyzed errors in written Chinese characters, and found that phonologically related factors also(More)
This thesis discusses restructuring compilers for parallel architectures, in particular, we focus on the shared memory parallel processor model. The overall structure of such a compiler is covered as well as the important data structures that are maintained. Parafrase-2, a multilingual , restructuring, auto-scheduling compiler project at the University of(More)
UNLABELLED Coccydynia is pain in the coccygeal region, and usually treated conservatively. Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) was incorporated as non-invasive treatment of many musculoskeletal conditions. However, the effects of ESWT on coccydynia are less discussed. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effects of ESWT on the outcomes of(More)
A Chinese character embedded in different compound words may carry different meanings. In this paper, we aim at semantic clustering of a given family of morphologically related Chinese words. In Experiment 1, we employed linguistic features at the word, syntactic, semantic , and contextual levels in aggregated computational linguistics methods to handle the(More)