Chia-Jung Chen

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It is becoming increasingly important to manage databases as a repository resource and to allow application programs to access this resource in a heterogeneous distributed environment. Data requested by a query are sometimes available in multiple sites such that the query becomes executable in different ways. Under this circumstance, choosing the best(More)
Virtualization has become a core technique to support a data center, which usually consists of hardware, virtual machine(VM), and operating system(OS) etc. With virtualization, users can make good use of resources provided in a data center with resource protection and efficient hardware utilization. However, as data amount has increased very rapidly, many(More)
Using a heterogeneous platform has became a common approach to improve performance. This trend leads to critical problems of synchronization and superfluous memory copy construct, thus a memory model can be built to overcome this performance bottleneck via data exchange. Consequently, keeping the benefits of service consolidation while not losing(More)
Various functional units (FUs) have been designed in modern embedded processors to perform different functions when running an application. For many applications the occurrences of different instructions are not the same after they are compiled. As a consequence, the temperature of the processor is very high arising from the major heating contribution of(More)
How to write a parallel program is a critical issue for Chip multi-processors (CMPs). To overcome the communication and synchronization obstacles of CMPs, transactional memory (TM) has been proposed as an alternative for controlling concurrency mechanism. during the interaction between workload and system. Although this performance issue can be solved by(More)
With the rapid increase of multimedia technology [1], [2], the support of network traffic has become an important issue. Thus many protocols have been developed to address this issue in different network layers such as Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) [3], Smooth Streaming [4] in application layer, and Real time Protocol (RTP) in transport layer. The(More)
Developing a parallel program on Chip multi-processors (CMPs) is a critical and difficult issue. To overcome the synchronization obstacles of CMPs, transactional memory (TM) has been proposed as an alternative control concurrency mechanism, instead of using traditional lock synchronization. Unfortunately, TM has led to seven performance pathologies:(More)