Chia-Jen Chang

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In this paper, we design and implement a testbed to realize various experiments in heterogeneous wireless sensor networks. Our implementation includes hardware infrastructure and software framework. The hardware infrastructure consists of servers, gateways with converters, and sensor nodes in three-tier. Our testbed can support different sensor nodes with(More)
The 3D IC is an emerging technology. The primary emphasis on 3D-IC routing is the interface issues across dies. To handle the interface issue of connections, the inter-die routing, which uses micro bumps and two single-layer RDLs (Re-Distribution Layers) to achieve the connection between adjacent dies, is adopted. In this paper, we present an inter-die(More)
Tridiagonal solvers are important building blocks for a wide range of scientific applications that are commonly performance-sensitive. Recently, many-core architectures, such as GPUs, have become ubiquitous targets for these applications. Therefore, a high-performance general-purpose GPU tridiagonal solver becomes critical. However, no existing GPU(More)
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